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For all of our clients, we combine legal skills with business acumen to tailor every transaction to each of our client’s specific needs. This strategy results in a more efficient process and better outcome.  Our results have earned us recognition as “best attorney” in San Diego County from publications including The San Diego Daily Transcript.

Business Law

If you are considering starting a new company, or are seeking legal representation for an existing commercial enterprise, you want an experienced, knowledgeable and skilled attorney to help you with your immediate and long-term future goals.  You want a lawyer who will carefully examine your business objectives.

At Bernales Law Firm, we are prepared to meet the needs of businesses in San Diego and throughout California through effective legal representation. We can help with any of the following:

• Business acquisition/disposition
• Sales and purchase agreements
• Business formation
• Business real estate
• Business contracts
• Contract drafting
• Contract review
• Contract negotiation

Real Estate Law

In conjunction with our experience in real estate, Bernales Law Firm has garnered accolade with regard to its real estate transactions. We understand that each transaction is unique, and we provide exactly what our clients need through feedback and service. 

Whether you are involved in residential or commercial real estate, Bernales law firm can help.  We provide services in the following areas:

• Acquisitions & Dispositions
• Commercial Lease Negotiation
• Commercial Lease Review
• Residential Real Estate
• Landlord/Tenant
• Contract review
• Leases

Intellectual property

Bernales Law Firm consistently provides high-quality, practical solutions and advice rooted in real-world experience. Our firm covers nearly every facet of intellectual property law—from litigation to the acquisition and protection of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, to trade secrets, and global brand protection.

Patent Law

Innovations are at the core of most any business, and it will become essential for many as competition grows, and the need to find the key differentiator becomes evident. Our firm offers the following Patent Prosecution services:

• Patentability Search Opinions
• Provisional Patent Applications
• Non-Provisional Patent Applications (Design, Utility, and Plant)
• International Patent Applications (PCT)
• USPTO Office Action Responses
• USPTO Petitions and Appeals
• Patent Trial and Appeal Board Cases
• Validity Opinions
• Infringement Opinions

Trademark Law

For every business, gaining brand recognition means everything. Assuring your customers know who you are by name, or by logo is essential as a company gets serious. Our firm offers the following services to help our clients protect what they’ve worked so hard for:

• Trademark Registrability Opinions
• US Trademark Applications (US)
• International Trademark Applications (Madrid Protocol)
• Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Cases
• Infringement Opinions

Copyright Law

When businesses or individuals create artistic works, inherently a common law copyright is also created. Whenever artwork (whether it be written, performing, visual, sculptural, lyrical, musical, etc.) is monetized (sold, published, or otherwise distributed), it becomes vital to protect those rights under a registration. Our firm helps artists looking to protect their creations in the following ways:

• US Copyright Registrations (Library of Congress)
• Opinions on Copyright Infringements

Trade Secrets

Without knowing it, every company has trade secrets. This information that should be protected from disclosure is what makes up the ‘secret sauce’ of any service or goods-based business. Our team can provide counsel to:

• Trade Secret Audit
• Employment Document Review
• Compliance on Hiring/Exit Interviews
• Misappropriation Defense

Dispute Resolution

Believe it or not, litigation may not always be the best option for your case.  Settling matters before litigation can help individuals save time, money, and stress.  Bernales Law Firm is available for consultation to discuss which options may be best for you: 

• Cease and Desist Letters
• Settlement Negotiations
• Settlement Agreements
• Demand Letters